AACE President's award 2015

Chinook Calgary section won president’s award in AACE’s 2015 Annual Meeting at Las Vegas. The meeting was attended by some of the key members of Chinook Calgary section board.
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Section Activity

Over 50 project professionals participated in highly engaging and interactive presentation delivered by Lubo Iliev on September 23, 2015. Lubo was introduced by Eileen Doonan.
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Section Activity

Over 50 project professionals participated in highly engaging and interactive presentation delivered by Julie Owen on October 15, 2015. Julie is current AACEI International president.
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Welcome to the AACEI Calgary Chinook Section

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AACEI Calgary Chinook Section

aaceiAACE International (AACEI) is the leading-edge professional organization for cost estimators, cost engineers, schedulers, project managers and project control specialists. With more than 9,000 members worldwide, AACEI is the largest organization serving the entire spectrum of cost management professionals. AACEI is industry independent with members across 92 countries.

The Chinook – Calgary Section of AACE Canada was founded in 1972. It currently has over 850 members from a wide range of companies in the Calgary area. Our members come largely from the oil and gas industry and are involved in all aspects of estimating, cost control, planning, scheduling and project management.

Throughout the year, the Chinook-Calgary section hosts a variety of Technical Dinner Meetings, Workshops and Seminars.  Please reserve your spot in advance as all of our events are well attended.

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Welcome to the start of the new season of AACE Calgary Chinook Section. As your incoming section president, I am truly honored to be serving this great  section that has enriched my professional and personal life in many unique ways. I thank other members of the board for their hard work and confidence in my ability and look forward to an exciting year.

In June, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend AACEI’s annual conference at Toronto along with some  key members of the Chinook Calgary section board . I am happy to share  that our section once again won “platinum award “ for being one of  the outstanding section in the world . Additionally our long standing member  Dave Williams was bestowed upon Charles V. Keane Distinguished Service Award for his consistent endeavors to enhance the professional image of cost engineering over an extended period of time.

Low Oil prices continue to forecasts a sluggish recovery for Canada’s oil and gas industry and it has direct impact on job hiring and activities in our wonderful city. In such economic conditions, I believe there is more than ever need for project control professionals to ensure that only right projects get approved and are executed in a right way. It is our responsibility to guide management on value add our professional skill bring to table to enhance and enable decision-making.  AACEI local section can help you to sharpen your technical skills and give a platform to meet like-minded people with whom you can connect, share and learn. It is indeed a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd by learning how to capitalize on your strengths and make your set of skills shine!

With the  intention of serving our members, the entire team of AACEI-Chinook  Calgary section is hard at work to line up an exciting year full of interesting topics for technical dinner meetings and relevant workshops and seminars. We are kick starting the year with a dinner presentation on September 21st by Dr. Diana Nada who is a fellow board member  and an authority on project management.  She received her PhD in Project Management from the University of Calgary. She will be presenting  topic “The Road to Success: Bridging the Disconnect – Executives & Project Managers” .  Right after that, our 2 day workshop on CCP exam preparation is slated to be conducted on September 24th and October 01. This workshop is  presented by industry’s seasoned professionals Hammad Tahir , Mustansir Raj and Bruce Predham.  Please find the registration details on our website www.aaceicalgary.org to register for these events.

AACEI Chinook Calgary section is run on the philosophy of “by the members, for the members and it has made it to be one of the world’s largest, active and most successful section.  Please continue to reach out to me or other board members on your feedback and suggestion on how to keep improving and enhancing the performance of our section. I look forward to meeting you  all at our  upcoming events .


Bindu Amin MSc.(PM), MBA, PMP, CCP, EVP

President, AACEI Chinook-Calgary Section


Bindu Amin

Bindu Amin


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Members receive the Cost Engineering Magazine, discounts on books and publications from AACEI Headquarters and access to contents on the AACEI website.
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